How Is Secrets Harmful

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According to Edgar Allan Poe, words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. Secrets take a toll on the psyche of individuals and in the article, “The Secret Life of Secrets” by Alan Burdick, it is concluded that secrets cause negative psychological effects, such as stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and low self-esteem. Therefore, the horrendous reality or secrets in turn consume the subconscious, causing physical and mental distress, a which ultimately leads to the demise of individuals. According to, Alex Lickerman in “The Danger of Keeping Secrets”, when concealing the truth becomes intolerable, individual’s cope with the guilt by confessing to the crimes or misdemeanors, however the negative…show more content…
Using his knowledge of natural philosophy, Victor Frankenstein constructs a horrendous creature which becomes barbaric and murderous. In addition, when Victor witnesses the crimes his creature commits, he feels responsible for the deaths and pain inflicted upon others. The creature seeks revenge upon Victor Frankenstein for abandoning him to face the cruelties of society. The monster kills William Frankenstein which ultimately destroys Victor (Shelley 126-127). The creature decides that Justine Moritz will suffer for the murder that he committed, thus an innocent soul was tormented and executed for a murder she did not commit (Shelley 127). Although Victor himself did not commit the murders, he felt remorseful and was in distraught and believed that he was responsible for the actions of his creation. It was the burden of knowing that his own actions caused a multitude of deaths, which led to his demise. Likewise to Lady Macbeth, Victor Frankenstein wants to confess secrets about his muderous monster to his fiancé, Elizabeth, because he wants to alleviate himself from the burden of his horrendous creation. However, when his own monster kills his beloved friend, he no longer has the ability to confide his feelings to someone. As a result, his secrets slowly take over his conscience which caused physical anguish as well (Shelley
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