Online Over Traditional Shopping Essay

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The Better Choice: Online over Traditional Shopping

What do the latest innovations all have in common? Why do fast-food chains have so many customers? Why do people prefer eating in restaurants rather than eating home cooked meals? Why do companies continuously make slimmer, faster, and sleeker versions of their products? Simple – to make things more convenient.

Even in the olden times, when our ancestors invented the first wheel to hasten transportation, the first telephone to reach more people more efficiently, the first computer to have more access to information, the driving force of these continuous innovations still remain constant – convenience.

And this remains a truth of reality until now. We exist in the 21st century. The era of fast cars, fast food, fast gadgets, fast information. Everything is, or rather, being developed to be available at the simple touch of a button or a swipe of the screen. Innovation after innovation is being made to satisfy this whim and craving of a faster, more efficient, and more convenient world.

This is the driving force of so many industries and businesses – to continually satisfy the need of convenience of the masses. Howard Telford, an industry analyst at market research firm, Euromonitor, said
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The marketing mix of four P’s – product, price, place and promotion are also important determinants of customer satisfaction. Again, both traditional and online shopping management is aware and is utilizing these concepts, but according to data from the survey results 65% of the respondents find online shopping to have more sales/deals available for customers, as opposed to the 35% who find traditional shops to have more sales/deals thus online shopping offers better prices available for comparisons and promotion opportunities, satisfying not only the customers but also two of the concepts of the 4 P’s of
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