How Is Shrek Portrayed In The Ordinary World

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The Ordinary World- (The hero’s normal world before the story begins.) In the beginning of the movie you see shrek doing his everyday actions, brushing his teeth with slug juice, eating eyeballs as food and setting a fire by burping on a matchsticks. Shrek 's ordinary world would be his swamp, where he lives peacefully without any worries. Shrek has sign saying “stay out” which indicates he likes living there and being alone.

The Call to Adventure- (The hero is presented with a challenge adventure or problem.) In this case, when the fairytale characters are all appearing in Shrek’s home, we realize that he won’t be living a peaceful life in the swamp on his own anymore. Shrek goes to Lord Farquaad who says the only way the fairytale characters
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This quest has changed him. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore, he wants to be with Princess Fiona. Although during the quest he heard Princess Fiona and Donkey talking about her curse, and is heartbroken as he mistakes her disgust with her transformation to an "ugly beast" as disgust in him

The Resurrection- (Hero faces death again. He has to use everything he has learnt.) In the film when Shrek finds out that Princess Fiona was not talking about him he uses everything he has learnt and everyone he has met for example the dragon helps him get Princess Fiona back. Shrek steps up and tries to fight Lord Farquaad, who then calls his guards on him then the dragon eats Lord Farquaad, and Shrek escapes death again.

The Return with the Elixir- (He returns with “elixir” and he uses it to help everyone from the ordinary world.) In the end of the film, Shrek and Fiona say they love each other, they kiss and her curse is broken. Princess Fiona turns into a orger and they live happy ever after. Also, the fairytale characters are brought back to Duloc where they can live freely
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