How Is Shylock Presented In The Crucible

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Shylock is stating that Jessica is a greedy eater and that she is very lazy. C. Shylock is a hypocrite. 1. In his speech “Hath Not a Jew” Shylock expresses the idea of equality. He states that Jews and Christians are both humans and they should be treated the same. 2. However, in Act 1, Scene 3, Shylock said, “I hate him for he is a Christian” Shylock is clearly contradicting himself. And this would have caused an uproar since the Elizabethan audiences were Christians, causing them to hate his character. D. Shylock enjoys hearing that Antonio’s ship had wrecked overseas and that Antonio is losing a fortune because of it. When Tubal broke the news to Shylock, he responded by saying, “I am very glad of it. I 'll plague
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