How Is Society Different In The 1960s

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Have you ever wondered what society was like in the 1960s? Society has changed drastically in the last 50 years. Technology,music,and education are just a few of the changes.Were people smarter back then? Was there more violence than nowadays? I believe society would have been better back in the 1960s. Most people nowadays wouldn’t think whether or not present day would be different if society was different in the 1960’s. Do you think it would be different?

Technology was way different in the 1960s than how it is nowadays. There was barely any technology back then. On ( Tammy Chen on 19 May 2013) it states “Television in the 60s played a major role in entertainment,technology majorly impacted on the lifestyles of many people,as it influenced them to stay home and entertain themselves. This is some reasons why technology had an impact on society in the 1960s. This is a reason that society in the 1960s was different then nowadays back and that the people who had a television were more likely to stay at home and watch it. The culture of music changed so much through the 1900s. The biggest change occurred
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Yes there,is pros and cons from both era’s. In the 1960s, most people who had television entertained themselves in their houses,unlike nowadays people can take their cell phones with them and use it anywhere. In present day some teachers don’t like you speaking your opinion,some people didn’t think it was right for the musicians to be able to write about the war. I believe that society nowadays is way different than how it was back in the 60s. People back in the 1960s were out more they didn’t just sit around and play videogames or watch television all day,people had jobs,you couldn’t make money from the internet or from just staying at home all day. This is why I believe society was better back in the
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