How Is Society Without Respect

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Can society function without respect? Simply put, no.Respect, everyone needs it, without it, we and our society would have perished long ago. If we’d had no respect for one another then we’d never would have form society because respect makes it so we care about people, we’re kind to other people, and we would socially interact. We would also not care about our jobs enough to do them, ever had the pizza delivery come 20 minutes late? Well, it would take a lot longer if we had no respect. If we didn’t have respect, it would be physically impossible for society to be the way it is now, or not even exist at all.

First, have you ever thought of how many times you use respect in just one day? Being kind to someone, having a good mood, obeying the law, even simple things in your life like shaking someone’s hand or opening a door for someone. Now, press the imaginary delete button on all of those actions. You stop acknowledging people, everyone is doing whatever they want, and you don’t care about any plants or animals, just trampling over them. That is what life would be like without respect, unending, gray, void of all optimism and good emotions. Every emotion that defines us as humans and helps us grow socially and as a human. A world without respect or optimism would be like a ball and chain on you leg, slowly grating away at your soul, and crushing you.

If there was no respect, the world would also be an unsafe place by a very large margin. People wouldn’t respect the law,

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