Why Is Pride Important To Achieve Success?

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Fundamentally, pride is the moral principle of valuing your self-esteem and taking the steps required to achieve it. You need such a principle because of your profound need for self-esteem, and because a healthy self-esteem, grounded in the facts of reality, is not something you can achieve easily or automatically. Because pride is a commitment to achieving a positive assessment of yourself in the full context of your life, it consists in two essential perspectives: Looking backward and looking forward in time. These two perspectives provide you with the objective appreciation of your past accomplishments and the commitment to success in the future. These two perspectives of pride are inseparable, because you cannot achieve self-esteem by means one…show more content…
Both success and failure are essential to achieving your goals. Success builds confidence and reinforces your belief that you can perform well and meet the challenges of competition. There are problems with too much success too early. Success can breed complacency because, if you succeed all of the time, there is little motivation to improve. Sooner or later as you move up in competition, you will come up against someone who is just as good as or better than you, and since you have not been motivated to improve, you will not be as successful. Success also does not identify areas in need of improvement. If you always succeed, your weaknesses would not become apparent and you wound not see the need to work on your performance. Success also does not teach you how to constructively handle the usual obstacles and setbacks of football. You may become so accustomed to success that when you finally do fail, it will be a shock to you. There are also benefits to failing that will ultimately enable you to succeed more. Failure provides you with information about your progress. It shows you what you are doing well and, what you need to improve
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