Technology In Our Society Essay

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Smart phones have quickly become the cornerstone of many people's lives. It is not strange to see people peering intently at their phone screens, seemingly oblivious to the world around them. To some, especially from older generations, the lack of human contact between people due to increased use of technology is akin to the degradation of society. However, such a view is small-minded and ignores the benefits that technology has brought to humanity. Technology allows people to stay in contact with one another no matter where they are, to meet each other with ease, and to share their thoughts and emotions online. Technology has made humanity more connected than ever before in our history. It is for these reasons that technology is not harmful to society but rather beneficial.
Technology has influenced the way people interact with each other across vast distances. In the past, if
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People seem to look at their phone screens more than they look at each other face to face. With some individuals, it is difficult to get them to put down their phone during a conversation. It is true that some people have addictions to their phones and the internet which forms a barrier to human contact, yet this does not represent the majority of society. Smart phones, the internet, and technology as a whole is an advent that has rapidly changed society and has become a valuable tool for communication. Contact between individuals has never been more efficient and easy. To suggest that true human contact has waned in the present day due to technology is a small-minded assumption of the way people actually use technology. Human beings are inherently social animals that seek relationships and the company of others. No matter how much the world changes, humanity will always find ways to connect with each other whether face to face or via

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