How Is Technology Ruining Human Interaction?

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Do you think technology is ruining human interaction? Social media today is ruining friendships and keeping us away from each other. Social media is not the same as face to face interaction.Today kids are spending so much time on their phones that they cannot interact with each other. Today most kids will not even pay attention to their friend because they are too zoned into their phone. In the article “Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?” Lauren Tarshis says ”Often even when kids are together they are interacting with their phones and not each other”(Tarshis , 19). Sometimes kids will go to their friends and “hangout” even though they are just paying attention to their phones and every once and a while they same something to their friends. Some people think that social media is keeping the kids together. In the article “ Is Technology Ruining Our Friendships?” Katie Davis says “There’s definitely a positive impact. Kids can stay in constant contact, which means they can share more of their feelings with each other”(Tarshis, 18). But really it is keeping people away from each other, it is causing people to not have close relationships.…show more content…
On social media you cannot see the person you are speaking to’s facial expressions, you can’t hear their tone of voice, and cannot see their body language. Which can cause some people to take the things you say the wrong way. Experts also believe that even though you might have all the friends on social media might be a bad thing. In the article “ Is technology ruining our friendships?” Lauren Tarshis says “ Rosen also worries that some kids might mistake the “friends” on their social media feeds for true friends. In tough times, you don’t need some to like your picture or share your tweet. You need someone who will keep your secrets and hold your
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