How Is Technology Ruining Society

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Despite the great advances made in modern technology, it is damaging us as a society. These days, you can hardly go a few minutes without seeing someone on their phone or device. Our devices are a way to easily distract and remove ourselves from reality. The positive and negative both overlap with each other and in turn contradict one another. With the advancements in technology came unforeseen side effects. Constant communication through technology has stomped on our ability to hold a conversation and has shortened our attention span. Even causing those who regularly check, update, and play video games have slowly begun to isolate themselves and disconnect from the real world. Over use of technology or not using those in the correct way can result in injuries that are…show more content…
That fact is disturbing all on its own; that technology is starting to control our lives. I am not suggesting, though, that as a society we can just through away our technology at the drop of a dime; however, seeing the problem and finding a balance between reality and non-reality is necessary for ourselves and our children. With this in mind, limiting time spent on social media sites and on technology devices is a good start. Updating social media about what you are doing, where it is being done and such every few minutes take away from the experience itself. All things considered, completely shunning technology is not only out of the question but completely impossible. Despite the positive effects being enormous, they are easily overshadowed by the negative effects which are long-lasting. This in mind, working together to find a good balance will be beneficial to us
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