How Is The Great Gatsby And The American Dream

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Introduction "The great Gatsby" takes the background of twentieth Century 20 's thriving and prosperous economy of American. The heroine Daisy is the Great Gatsby in a very key figure. She is the narrator Nick 's cousin, Tom Buchanan 's wife, Gatsby 's lover. Her white dress floats, charming, like a down to earth the holy angels, so many men for the heart, especially Gatsby. But on the other hand, her frivolous debauchery, money first, callous and like the devil general, to Gatsby an illusory fairyland, she is "a symbol of the American dream, is a typical representative of the" Jazz Age "gilded girl". It is also her dual image that Gatsby lost the direction, immersed in his dream of weaving. He mistook Daisy as his fairy princess, until finally she destroyed him. Below, this article from the daisy family background to analyze the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy "double image" and "American Dream" Daisy 's family background Daisy was born in southern Kentucky America Louisville, a rich family. Rich family conditions of her childhood make her love romance, live comfortably, Love the thunder. She is a young girl in all of Luis Weil 's most crowded. She wore a white dress, with a white Ford car, these young officers all day turn around her in Tytler barracks, asked her accompany and "at least to accompany an hour". Gatsby is one of those young officers, his handsome, graceful bearing, deeply attracted by daisy. However, because of the poor, he was mercilessly
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