How Is Thomas Prestons Guilty

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“Getting Away with Murder: The Acquittal of Thomas Preston” Gentlemen of the Jury, I am here today to prove that Thomas Preston was indeed guilty of ordering his soldiers to fire at the angry mob of men. The night of the Massacre, in front of the Boston Custom House Preston and soldiers came to protect the sentry and found a crowd of a hundred angry citizens who were taunting the sentry. Jeering the British sentinel more and more by telling the sentinel to fire at them and throwing snow balls at them. But it was when the crowd was ordered to fire that lead to fatal blows. Many people were left dead. Many witnesses of the Massacre have stated that indeed it was Mr. Preston who ordered his soldiers to fire. According to Daniel Calef, “…Heard …show more content…

Preston is indeed guilty. Mr. Preston was seen yelling the words fire. We have a witness saying that he saw Preston’s mouth when he said it. Gentlemen of the Jury, please take into consideration that many of the other depositions, especially the depositions for Preston, are not fully descriptive as the depositions of the witnesses for the king. Many of the depositions for Preston are only a few sentences, however, the depositions of the witnesses for the king have a full story as to what actually happened. Some of the witnesses in Mr. Preston’s defense said they didn’t hear any order given at all. That’s because many of them were yards away from Mr. Preston. Daniel Calef was the only witness who said they saw the witness prior to the massacre. No one else stated that. The Massacre occurred in March, and it is now late October. Who knows if some of these people even remember everything they’re saying. That was probably the only time they had ever seen Mr. Preston. My point is, Daniel Calef was the only who seen Preston more than once. He saw him a two days before the massacre. He would have the best picture in his mind as to what Preston would have looked like. That’s why he said he recognized Preston instantly. Thomas Preston is indeed guilty of this crime because the witness saw him and was able to give a vivid description of Mr. Thomas

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