How Is Tituba Guilty In The Crucible

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Who was the cause of the witchcraft in Salem in Aurthur Miller's play The Crucible? Tituba was the cause of the witchcraft because she was the one who first admitted to committing witchery. There were over two hundred people accused of witchery, twenty people were hanged. One person was truly guilty of the hangings and witch trials. I believe that they should keep Tituba in prison and pray for her, until they know that she is holy again or at least until she stops doing witchcraft.

Tituba was the person who was behind the girls doing the witchcraft. Performing witchcraft requires someone who knows how to properly do it Tituba was the person who knew how to do witchcraft. Without her nobody would have been able to participate in the rituals. On page 187 Tituba confesses she gave someone chicken blood in order to preform witchcraft by saying "no, no, chicken blood , I gave she chicken blood" (Miller 187).
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By Tituba confessing this as well, Abigail Williams also proves without Tituba no witchcraft would have been able to be acted upon. With this evidence we can safely assume that Tituba was the first person causing the witchcraft in Salem.

Although Tituba may have been the only witch in Salem she releases more names to Parris and Hail by accusing specific person. One of the people Tituba acsussed were Goody Osborne by replying "aye sir, and Goody Osborne" (Miller 189). By Tituba accusing Goody Osborne of being involved in the witchcraft in Salem, this made the court prone to accuse more people worsening the situation.

Abigail Williams could be the cause of the Salem witch trials because she lied and framed many people fueling the anarchy in Salem. However her actions were kickstarted by Tituba performing witchcraft for her. Without Tituba performing witchcraft for her the enigmatic trials of witchery in Sakem would not have
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