How Is Vincent Portrayed In The Movie Gattaca

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The movie GATTACA has to do with DNA. It Also has to do with choosing people 's DNA to evaluate them as a person or an employee. This movie deals with two people switching their identity and pretending to be each other. They did this because Vincent a character in the movie wanted to work at GATTACA and his dream was to go up into space. And so Jerome wanted to help him out and pretended to be Vincent and Vincent pretended to be Jerome so his dream can come true. Vincent 's childhood was affected by his genetic profile. He had a serious heart condition and he would only be able to live till he was in his 30s. For Vincent to be Jerome he had to expose hair, his fingernails and customize urine test. During the movie there was a murder investigation and the lead detective was Vincent 's brother. At first Vincent didn 't realize who it was but his brother recognized him first and asked why he was at GATTACA. The advantages and disadvantages to having a society like that portrayed in GATTACA, is just the environment around them changes everything because it is in the future and it is most likely to happen because anything can happen. This society has a good advantage of people having a good education and learning about the stuff they do. In this society, there is a lot of new stuff…show more content…
Vincent used Jerome urine so they would know who the employee was. They did that because, they would know who it is and to make sure that no one would pretend to be someone else like Vincent and Jerome. I think that this is a good thing and a bad thing. I think this is a good thing because you would know what person who is coming in and out of the job. Then I think this is a bad me thing because they should already know who works there and who doesn 't work their. Another bioethical thing I noticed was when they were doing the finger prints
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