How Is William Wilberforce Influential

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What makes a man influential? Is it his past, his achievements, or maybe even his influences? What makes a person great? William Wilberforce was a renowned man who dedicated his life to the abolishment of the slave trade. He fought for over twenty years to end this atrocity. What made him who he was? Was it the wealthy family he grew up with? Was it his political success? Or was it the people who influenced him and changed him for the better? In short, how is William Wilberforce defined, by his past, his achievements, or his influences?
Is a man’s past responsible for their actions? Was Wilberforce’s wealth and wit responsible for his successes? William Wilberforce was born in Hull, England in 1759 to the wealthy merchant, Robert Wilberforce. Throughout his child he was considered to be small and sickly. When his father died the nine year old Wilberforce was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in London. He remained there for three years before returning to Hull. During his time in London he was introduced to evangelical Christianity which contrasted his Church of England upbringing. Upon returning to Hull he took up card playing and partying while pushing aside his religious roots. When his uncle and grandfather died he was left extremely wealthy. He used his newfound wealth to fuel his social life. Wilberforce gambled and drank while
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Without having a tainted past of drinking and gambling Wilberforce may never have been converted. Without having served in Parliament he may never have been interested in abolition. Without the guidance of his friend William Pitt and mentor John Newton, he may never have succeeded in abolishing slavery. People are a culmination of everything they have seen, all they have done, and everyone they have met. William Wilberforce became a great man because of his past, his achievements, and the people who supported and influenced
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