How Is Yellow Stone Different In The 1900's

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This is about two people with some of the same things in the backpack and there two hundred years apart. They both explored the now state park Yellow Stone. They did in two different time one was in the 1800 's and the other in the late 1900 's. The one in the 1800 's name was John Colter and he did not have a nice time. The one in the 1900 's name in Tom Murphy and he had a better time. They have many different things and some they are the same. They both have many things that are different but some are the same like how both have to wear heave backpack out in the middle of nowhere. I think that they would travel by foot most of the way or with snowshoes. They both would have saw some of the same things like the springs and the geyser and other things. John to travel would need something that is easy to move and same with Tom they both have the easy tent to sleep in. They both would see the springs and the jets of hot water coming from the earth.…show more content…
They have many things in common but there are some different parts two, like how they come from different times areas. They also would have different backpacks and what they are made of. The modern one wouldn 't have a gun and a 30 pound pack. The 1800 's one would not have the same sleeping bag that is rated for 20 below and he would not have skies and other things. One would had to be in the woods with many dangers and the other did not have as much danger to think about. So now that you read this you know that from the 1800 's to the 1900 's some things stay the same. They both had a simple tent that was easy to move and they both had a heave backpack. They had many things that are different so they do not both have guns and other
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