How Is Your Iphone Ruining Your Mood

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In both editorials "your iPhone ruining Your posture- and your mood" by Amy Cuddy and "Posture Affects standing ,and not just the physical kind, by Jane Brody, they both talk about how we our selves are causing serious harm to our body. In the way we simply slouch or bend over and we need to try and pick our body up or we will see results we do not like.Both author have different opinions about the same subject and describe it differently and the Cuddy thinks that posture is more emotional and affects or mind more than anything . Yet Brody talks more physical pains and consequences that can happen to you by not fixing your posture. In Amy Cuddy Editorial "Your iPhone is ruining your posture- and mood" she explains why many of us are ruining our posture. And the cause of it is smart phones. Which is caused us to have bad posture or even get in sad, depressing moods. In which case we have to something of this dilemma. In Amy Cuddy article she addresses "if you 're in a public place look around; how many people are hunching over a phone? Technology is transforming how we hold our selves..". Instead of us humans controlling are devices they are controlling us it has become vice versa.…show more content…
She talks about all the real damage that is done while we slouching. Your postures can determine or even make your life harder than it should be. In which she explains " Poor posture can have ill effects that radiate throughout your body." Severe pain can continue if we don do anything at the moment to your health both emotionally and
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