Ida B Wells The Underground Railroad Analysis

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Have you ever hear or read about these three articles called “ How Jackie Robinson Changed Baseball “ , “ The Underground Railroad “ , and “ The Story of Ida B. Wells “ ? If you haven’t well you will hear about them right now . These stories are actually kinda inspiring. Jackie Robinson was known for changing baseball. The non colored people would treat him terrible for being black , he didn’t care nor fight back . He would continue to play baseball like normal , he was a true role model for many people.Harriet Tubman was a slave herself but escaped and still helped others escape through the underground railroad . Ida B. Wells faced discrimination and spoke against it . Although Jackie Robinson , Harriet Tubman and Ida B. Wells had many different…show more content…
She was very strong and helping . Tubman was known for being a slave but also helped other slaves escape . Tubman acted heroically when she escaped slavery and still went back to slaves through the underground railroad . She helped people with a route to escape from the south to the north . In the text it says “The Underground Railroad was not an actual railroad, but was instead a network of safe houses and routes slaves could take to escape from the South to freedom in the North. ( , 2016 ) “ . There were so many conductors but she was one of the best ones . In the story it said " Perhaps the most outstanding ‘conductor’ of the Underground Railroad was Harriet Tubman.” ( , 2016 ) . The conductors would help the slaves go from the south to the north…show more content…
Jackie robinson showed people to go for what you love even if others do not think you can do it and he shows that even if it gets hard to not give up. He went from the first African-American to play baseball to the first baseball player to break the color barrier, i know this because the text states, “The first baseball player to break the color barrier in 60 years, he paved the way for many future African-American and minority athletes.” ( Jessica McBirney , 2017 ) . This shows that because he did not give up he made it this far. Harriet Tubman helped many people by escaping the camp but going back for the other slaves. She started working as an underground conductor to help her family and many others get to a safe environment. I know this because the text states, “These “stations” were usually homes and churches — any safe place to rest and eat before continuing on the journey to freedom in the North.” ( , 2016 ) This shows she still went back to save others. Ida B. Wells was a journalist but also a hero because she faced discrimination and she spoke against it . a lot of black people started leaving because they didn’t like the racism that happen . she brought justice to people . i know this because the text says “ Personal tragedy inspired Ida B. Wells to work heroically to bring about justice for her people “ ( Shannon Moreau , 1999 )
Jackie Robinson , Harriet Tubman , and Ida B. Wells all acted
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