How Larry Joe And Bob Are Involved In Car Theft

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The paper revolves around a given scenario in which Larry, Joe and Bob are involved in a car theft and decide to shoot rival gang members. The task seeks to break down into each crime that will be discussed according to Georgian state laws that are different from other states. The homicide terms aggravated assaults and theft by taking as regarded by the Georgian state laws. The significance of each crime in relation to the offenders and the Mens reus and actus reus for each of the individuals. In the scenario, the three people are over speeding in stolen car decide to commit to driving by a rival gang member. Bob gets out but does not commit the shooting act, Larry and Joe execute the crime. Larry as the driver Joe fires that shot in which one person is killed and another wounded…show more content…
There is a likelihood that he will be charged with homicide in the death of the rival gang member is executed with his weapon. According to (2016), homicide occurs when a person deliberately kills another person such is applicable in the Georgian law. Instead of attempted murder, Joe is likely to serve for a maximum of 20 years with parole eligibility coming after 90% of the service. Joe is further likely to be charged for unlawfully taking something that does not belong to him Larry will be charged with murder because he is considered as an accomplice to the act since he drove the car and pulled it next to the gang members. This may have helped Joe execute his crime. However, Joe will be charged with the car. During this period, Larry has consistently shown men Reus and actus reus by stealing the very car that he drove it near the rival gang member so that Joe could execute

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