Social Changes In The 50s-90s

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70 years ago, life was completely different. Many of the items we can’t live without today, such as the Internet, cellphones and music players were only fiction back then. The separation of generations that occurred after the end of World War 2 resulted in young people becoming more and more independent, thus developing their own different ways of living and playing a larger role in the economy and trends. Because of that, many styles and products were brought out specifically for teenagers, providing daily changes and improvements to their lives. Since the 50s-60s and 80s-90s, the teenagers' entertainment and appearance have changed dramatically with the introduction of new technology and modern worldviews. However, aspects such as social…show more content…
Most decoration items went through a “color explosion.” The furniture was bright and bold, with vibrant colors created to catch the eye of potential buyers. Bizarre inventions, some useful, some preposterous, were introduced every day. A large variety of novelty items gained popularity. Such were lava lamps - glass vessels filled with colorful floating blobs of wax, pet rocks - rocks that acted as the perfect “pet”, mood rings - rings that changed its color with the owner's mood, waterbeds - mattresses filled with water, and many others (Owenby).
Clothing also underwent a lot of changes as new styles influenced by many different cultural aspects gained popularity. They were not specific to boys or girls and almost everything was unisex (Mathieson). The punk movement was one of the most noticeable changes in fashion. Heavily inspired by different singers and bands, it featured glamorous clothing with lots of glitter and colourful materials. In the mid-eighties, the singer Madonna caught on, and many girls started copying her daring outfits, which included some clothes that were traditionally considered for men. In the 90s, fashion was all about being casual and comfortable. A lot of styles from the previous generations were modified to fit these

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