How Lincoln Changed America

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My portrait of hero is on Abraham Lincoln and how he changed America and what he did to make America great. Abraham Lincoln how I know him he was called honest Abe and that he will always tell the truth no matter what. Second thing I know him for is that he is the main reason we don’t have segregation no more and we are all equal. He the reason we won the civil war. Last thing I know about him is he died in a theater.
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Sinking Spring Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky. When he was young he didn’t like hard labor he thought it was pointless for hard labor. He use to always move houses and go to different states because his family moves a lot. When his family decided to move again to a place Abraham stuck to the place and decided he can make his own ways. He was a very intelligent man because he self-taught himself and didn’t ask for no help or anything.
On November 6, 1860
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His first major thing that help win the civil war was he blockaded south shipping ports that made them stare and if you can’t get food out means you can’t even make any money. He wanted to have slave states out and make everyone just be free to do what they want without getting judge. His first perspective he didn’t want to let anyone fight let just that state fight and not make all the states fighting. He later won the civil war with good generals and good strategy.

After the civil war Abraham Lincoln said that all the slaves are free and can do what they want and decide what they want without letting anyone else tell them what to do. Once the civil war was over there was still people hating that they have no more slaves some still have slaves. But the fact is Abraham Lincoln saved still a ton of lives with the war. He may not save all he saved a lot because if there was no war for segregation when would there be
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