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How Long Does Gas Last? All You Need To Know About the Life of Gasoline The use of gasoline is no doubt very important in today’s modern era. Since the life of gasoline might depend on certain factors, there is a need to be equipped with information on whether how long does gas last and how to determine a bad or expired gas. Increasing numbers of people are still wondering whether how long does gas last. There are also many individuals that are into trying to find out whether gasoline really goes bad as well. But the fact is, gasoline could last for a certain period of time however once left unused for a longer period of time it could expire and could really go bad. With that, there is a need to consider the life of a gasoline whether how long it lasts, the reasons why it expires and also some of…show more content…
Indeed, a volatile substance is considered as prone to vaporizing and separating. This could definitely be bad once the fuel vapor has its easy way out of the tank, therefore, allowing it to evaporate away into the air. Gasoline could degrade over time and could also lead to a number of problems. HOW LONG DOES GAS LAST? The amount of time that it takes for a gas to expire would depend on the age of the gas, the climate, and the formula together with some other factors. There could be no definite answer whether how long does gas last since it might depend on numbers of factors. It could be hard to know how old the gas that you bought actually is. It could be fresh right from the refinery or it could also be a month old already during the time you top off your tank. There is also some gasoline that is being mixed with more or better oxidation inhibitors compared to others. It would be a good rule of thumb that you should avoid leaving gas in a storage container or in your tank for more than a couple of months. Fuel System Stabilizer for Proper Gas

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