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How Long Does Teething Last? shutterstock_65987866 Teething is often a painful and unsettling time for your baby and new teeth can explain why your baby is discontent and apparently unwell. Parents generally accept that teething can be difficult, but they also want to know how long this phase will last and what remedies exist that will assist babies in distress caused by teething. Could it be teething? A baby’s first tooth generally emerges any time between the first five to seven months of their life. However, your child may cut their first tooth before the age of five months or still be toothless until after their first birthday. By the time your child is three, he or she will likely have all their milk teeth. There is also no telling…show more content…
Take care not to rub the inflamed area and use a barrier cream to provide protection from further irritation. What about teething gels and infant pain relief? Teething gels can offer some relief from the pain of teething because they contain local anaesthetic and antiseptic. Applying a small amount of teething gel to your baby’s sore gums may help, but it is important to use a gel that does not contain sugar, alcohol or aspirin. If you are still breastfeeding your baby, do not apply teething gel beforehand as sucking can be more difficult for your baby if their tongue is numb. If your baby is over one month of age, you can give them the appropriate dose of infant paracetamol. Or if your baby is over three months of age, you can give them the appropriate dose of infant ibuprofen. Make sure you do not combine these two types of medicine. You should always seek advice from your health professional or your trusted local pharmacist. Should you be unsure your baby is teething or whether there is another cause of your baby’s distress, it is worth taking him or her to the doctor. Sometimes ear infections are confused for

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