How Long Will The Constitution Be Established Essay

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If Washington, Adams, and Jefferson never existed, then will the constitution be established? Let us look at what they have done an important contribution. In 1789, leaders of the federal government of the United States gathered in New York City. In order to let the whole nation happy, they enacted foreign policies, the best peaceful solution to conflicts between countries through these policies, to facilitate the harmonization of national political systems, the banking system as well as some tariffs. With steady economic and good government, will make the country stronger. Newly ratified Constitution was clear on some points but vague on other, was also untested. But They feared that a strong national government would threaten states’ rights and people’s freedoms. Jefferson’s presidency a new direction for american government. He encouraged Congress to abandon the Alien and Sedition Acts, as well as the hated taxes on stamps, land alcoholic spirits. Jefferson wanted to retire the national debt by paying it down. Besides taking government in a new direction, the Jefferson administration left a legacy with the purchase of new lands. He insisted that farm…show more content…
And wanted the US to stay out of world affairs. Besides the newly elected Congress, there were few other federal officers. There were also few set rules to guide the administration. Quickly after taking office, Washington began setting important precedents, or acts or statements that become traditions to be followed. One of Washington’s most important precedents was the formation of a Cabinet, or the group of federal leaders who headed the major departments of the executive branch and advised the President. Divided up the opinions as anti-federalist and federalist. And also added to the constitution as a compromise between that. And he dealing with the national debt, helped balance the power of state and federal government by adopting 4
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