How Louis Zamperini Overcame Adversity

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1. Louis Zamperini was born in January 1917, in Olean, New York. Raised in California, Zamperini joined the track team in high school. Excelling at long-distance events, Zamperini competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and was set to compete again in the 1940 games in Tokyo, which were cancelled when World War II had struck. A bombardier in the Army Air Corps, Zamperini was in a plane that went down, and when he arrived on shore in Japan 47 days later, he was taken as a prisoner of war and tortured for two years. After his release, Zamperini became an inspirational figure.

2. Zamperini overcame adversity as he didn’t allow bad experiences and circumstances let him down. While saved from the ocean, he and the other two men were soon taken as
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