How Low SES Affects Life

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A low SES can and will affect someone’s life in just about every aspect that you look at it from. One of the biggest struggles for someone with a low SES would encounter are stereotypes or bias towards them and their families. Along with social difficulties are personal obstacles such as, transportation, lack of basic necessities, housing, and education. All of which affect someone throughout their first year of life. The first year can be such a crucial point in life depending on if their basic needs can be met.
Stereotypes for someone with a low SES will vary, but they seem to focus around the fact “they’re lazy”. The parents don’t want to work, or they just want to live off of the state. These stereotypes are unfortunate because most of the time this is not true. Based on a study conducted by Richman (2006) found that many people who come from a low SES do in fact work, but a lack of higher education found that they are employed by small businesses, meaning that they may not have access to workplace benefits such as healthcare. But how does this affect a small child? How are the stereotypes different? While negative stereotypes are thrown at the adults, there is a lot of pity given to the children from a family with a low SES.
Commonly associated with a child from a low SES is a lack of health care.
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A low SES can impact a child’s development greatly, making it tough to escape the poverty pattern. It’s been shown that low SES can travel through generations. Many children will try and move away from low SES, but unfortunately, they’re destined for it. Unless we are able to provide our infants with proper developmental opportunities and inform them as they grow up about the importance of an education and a good job, nothing will change. We must support the infant's growing up in a low SES so they can prosper throughout their
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