How Math Is Used In Football Essay

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Math can be found in every sport but in Football, science is the name of the game. In football math is a big part of the game, to even be good in football you need to do math in your head. There is even shows about how math and other subjects are involved with football. Furthermore, the examples I’m going to be using are all from my thoughts and ideas and some from google. I want to start with a big part of football, tackling, every football player needs to know how to properly tackle even if they are on offense. Tackling may seem like something easy to do but to do so you need to have the right mechanics and approximate the amount of force and the angle you want to use on your target. Angle is everything in tackling you can miss a tackle if you don’t use the…show more content…
Another example can be kicking, kickers need to to know how far the ball needs to float in order to make the field goal. They also need to know the angle and the direction. The direction is very important, if you kick the ball a little to the left it can make a big difference and you can completely miss the field post. In the whole world there are only a handful of good kickers. Most of the time kicking field goal is about repetition and remembering the way you kicked that time you made it. A lot of other things go into kicking field goals. For example, power can be a big factor, there has been many cases where field goal come up short and teams lose the game because of that. Some might say that the most beautiful part of football is the way the quarterback throws the ball. There has been throws in history that look so majestic as they float through the air.To this physics can play a big part because a nice throw need to have the

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