How Mental Illness Affects The Human Body

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There are various diseases that can affect the human body and make it worse. Some of these diseases can affect people physically or mentally, or both. Mental illness, which affects the person 's mood, thinking and behavior, is an obvious and a good example of illness that impacts the body in both ways. Mental illness can make the person miserable and suffer throughout his daily life. In the United States, 26.2 percent of the people suffer from mental illness. There are many types of mental illness such as anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorder and depression. These illnesses can be harmful and cause an intended acts or thoughts. Depression is an obvious example of these illnesses that cause uncontrolled acts, but it is not considered as a weakness. Depression is not a choice, but a long-term disease because it affects the body negatively and can lead to death.…show more content…
One of these kinds called major depression, which remains for most days of the week. This kind has common signs such as weight loss or gain, feeling sleepy throughout the whole day, feeling worthless or guilty without any exact reason and it can lead to thinking of committing suicide. Another kind of depression is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD),which is a period of major depression that usually happens during winter months, when the day becomes short and the person gets less and less sunlight. The other one is called persistent depressive disorder, which lasts for two years or longer. Although this kind of depression has different signs like lack of energy, feeling hopeless or low self-esteem. For example, people with this kind of depression are often negative in everything. Meanwhile, there are many types of depression and there are many differences between

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