How Milk Cartons Changed The World Essay

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How Milk Cartons Changed the World In the world about 1.8 billion children are reported missing (Spitzer,1986). Most children are kidnapped by complete strangers. This is a big problem, and children are going missing by the minute. This is why the Milk Carton Organization was established. It 's purpose is to help find our lost and missing children. Before the Milk Carton Organization was established, police didn’t really have a strategy for finding missing children. There were no QR Codes if perhaps, a person saw a missing child in a Starbucks he or she went to. This means that the child can not be reported as seen near this area. At the time there was no way to report the crime immediately and have a major impact on something being done. There were no faces under the big “MISSING” letters to let someone know,…show more content…
After Etan disappeared walking the New York streets on his way to school in 1979, more children and young adults were found murdered over the years in Atlanta (Our History,2015). Out of 1.8 million, 1.5 million children are forced into prostitution, or child pornopgraphy. Since children were forced into these horrific events, approximately 2,500 children are buried yearly (Spitzer,1986). In December 1984, the National Child Safety Council (NCSC) created the Milk Carton Program. In about seven days time, these milk cartons were put into effect with the help of over 700 different companies (Milk Carton Program,2015). Five years later after Etan’s disappearance, John and Revè Walsh’s child Adam goes missing. John Walsh started to complain that police were not putting as much effort into finding Adam as they could. As a result of this unfortunate outcome Mr. Walsh established the, Adam Walsh Outreach Center for Missing Children in Florida (Our History,2015). These two events alone have made an incredible impact, on the lifestyle lived in
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