How Minimum Wage Changed My Life

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In the process of bearing and raising a child, two people must come together and contribute both genetics and personality traits to this blank canvas of a person in order to create who they are. However in this process traits can be lost or gained, some are more prominent than others, and as you experience the influence of others and go throughout life your family begins to impact you less and less as it is diluted from a passion burning inside of you.
Throughout the majority of my life, I heard of no others lives other than my own. Whenever my family would visit other family members their situations would not be much different. They either dropped out of high school or barely finished it and passed their time by working near minimum wage work
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The vast majority of my family experienced it and, at least at this time, I could not conceptualize anything different. I thought what I was bred to think that being that an education does not matter and to work as much as physically possible in order to pay the bills. However, while working two jobs throughout school, I began to realise how little minimum wage actually pays and decided that if I was to live a life worth living I would begin to devote myself towards obtaining and education in order for a better financial future. On top of that, being exposed to different types of people through work and band I realized that I knew next to nothing about the world around me. I decided that this ignorance must be dealt with and in order to accomplish that I would require an education.
Throughout high school, my opinion on college and how I planned to approach my future changed drastically. As I became more exposed to people other than my family, I learned the importance of an education. In order to procure all available options for my future, a post secondary education must be obtained. Although my parents bestowed upon me the family genetics and taught me the mindset of the uneducated working class American, through self desire and a lust for knowledge I altered the course set for me to a brighter more enlightened
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