Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Influence

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How Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Shaped History and how History Shaped him? Introduction Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an influencial person on history, who contributed a lot for seeking the independence of India from the British through advocating his beliefs, which are “non-violence brings about change”, “Hindu-Muslim “unity in diversity”” and basic goodness of humanity. Gandhi’s effort not only helped bringing rural peasants in India to participate in political issues, fighting for the rights of the Indian workers in South Africa, but also helped the development of civil protests by promoting his non-violent means of movements. In this essay, the mutual influence between history and Gandhi is discussed. It is a fact that Gandhi had shaped the history greatly, but what made Gandhi…show more content…
The first happened in home province in India, while pleading on behalf of his brother who was suspected collusion in a case of missing jewels. He was treated coldly and consequently rudely pushed out from the office by the Englishman of the British official after continuously arguing after the officer asked him to leave (Wolf, 2005;Mandelbaum, 1973). According to Mandelbaum (1973), Gandhi admited, he was insulted but also benifited from it. He decided to never again allow cultural expectation and family duty placing himself in a false position which contradicted with his own view of personal behaior and public affairs. Gandhi also wrote in his autobiography that “This shocked changed the course of my life” (Mandelbaum, 1973). Mandelbaum’s study (1973) also mentioned that “Gandhi was turning away from the course that was culturally indicated and from conduct that was socially convenient”.Thus, it is not hard to say that this insult gave Gandhi the self-determination of refusing being affected by the cultural and social
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