How Montag Changes In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 In the book, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, the main character is Guy Montag. It is called Fahrenheit 451 because 451 is the degrees at which book paper burns. Montag is a thirty year old firefighter who instead of taking out fires, he starts fires. The firefighters in this book burn books because the public thinks they are useless and a waste of space and time. For the most part, they burn books, but sometimes burn anything they really see. In the city that Montag lives, books are illegal to have and you will get put in jail or sometimes even worse. Montag nor his wife, Mildred, enjoys nature or books and are very negative people. Throughout the book, Montag changes and becomes a different person. In the beginning, Montag…show more content…
His wife, Mildred leaves the city and goes somewhere off by herself. Montag also ends up leaving the city, but because he got caught with the stack of books he had been stashing. Montag was in hideout for a long period of time was wanted. To search for him, the city used a mechanical hound, it was like a huge robot. He ended up getting found and someone named Captain Beatty, told Montag to just burn the house down room by room and escape that way. Captain Beatty kept nagging Montag about why books were so important and why he wanted to have a stack so bad. Montag, getting mad, flips the switch on his flame thrower and ends up burning Beatty. Once Montag was gone from the city, he tried to be a better person and escape the man he used to be. Montag, at the end, does believe he is a better character and believes he is very different than what he used to be. Throughout the book, Montag changes and becomes a better person. He is nicer at the end and learns to love books and nature because of his friends he had, Clarisse and Faber. Montag changes a lot and believes he has changed in a good way and he is happy the way he has turned out. Montag realizes all his bad mistakes and wants to fix them and make them better. He tries to start a new life after he has got away from the police and leaves the city. Clearly, Montag has changed a lot and is proud of the new decisions he has made in his
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