How My Parents Shaped Me

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I am Gabriel Bernardo Bautista Panlilio. I am the son of Cristino and Sabrina Panlilio. As such, a lot of who I am is because of how my parents shaped me. They have been my earliest teachers, and until today, are still teaching me the values, principles and morals they want for me. A big part of my personality is because I am an interpersonal crosspoint of my parents. My parents are very religious, and have a lot of morals. They always believe in doing what is right and being persons for others. For my father, this stems from him growing up under an Atenean education. For my mother, this stems from her own family’s religiousness and upbringing. The values that are still being imparted on myself and my my siblings through an interpersonal crosspoint has its roots from the interpersonal and social cross points that my parents encountered while they were growing up.…show more content…
Just like how my dad became the person that he is today because of his Atenean education, he wanted the same for me. I have been in Ateneo since prep, and have continued in this institution for over fourteen years. Without consciously noticing, I was being shaped in terms of the way I think and the morals and principles that I have. I have learned from my Atenean education to be persons for others, ad majorem dei glorium, to be magis, to be lux in domino. Slowly and unconsciously, the social personality of Atenean has shaped me to the person that I am
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