How My Stories Were Written Analysis

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Cultural narratives from all around offer different kinds of unique insights that inspire readers in many aspects. Carlos Bulosan’s How My Stories Were Written is a first-person narrative that describes the motivation of his work along with a background of how his pieces became about. Throughout his narrative, Bulosan heavily focuses on the idea of wisdom through words and this became so inspirational, that his writings incorporate these intellectual ideas. The conversation dialogue “these are merely tales of an old and forgotten man who has lived beyond his time. There are others who can tell you more fascinating stories of what is happening today…I will go away someday and I would like to remember what kind of people lived here a long time…show more content…
It’s relatable, personal, and highly appealing to the audience. Overall, Bulosan’s How My Stories Were Written embeds the ideology of a generation gap in which it correlates to a contemporary society in which many readers can agree on.
1. Bulosan’s personal narrative embeds the ideology of a generation gap as his conversation with Apo changes how the past and future society can be viewed. Within the writing, there are many noteworthy elements, but the most reflective is the discussion he has with local Filipino resident, Apo Lacay. This conversation displays change, but also of how many people view society differently. In the village, Apo tells many stories to the other residents around him, but Bulosan always stayed behind and was eager to learn from his words. When noticed,
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