How Veterans Are Treated In Homer's The Odyssey

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Being treated poorly isn’t very fun, but doing your job and not being praised for it feels even worse, for some veterans, this can happen as soon as they return home. Not everyone knows a veteran, but plenty of veterans are having trouble recovering the lives they had before combat, and are treated as if they committed a crime. Some veterans also cannot find jobs that don’t interfere or trigger their PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or freak them out in general. Veterans that are coming back from war are having trouble getting re-affiliated with civilian life and are being treated very poorly by society, as Odysseus is treated in the Odyssey. In Homer's epic poem The Odyssey, the main character Odysseus and his men go on a tremendous…show more content…
Odysseus and his men travel from Troy back to Ithaca stopping at different islands along the way, running into strange monsters like the cyclops Polyphemus and angering the gods. When he assuredly returns to Ithaca, without his men, he has to fight and defeat the suitors who are trying to marry his wife Penelope. Odysseus’ men had a hard time returning back to their normal way of living when they stopped on the island of Ismarus. When they made it to the island they “...killed the men who fought. Plunder...” and “..enslaved the women…”(Homer lines 43-45). In this part of the Odyssey, the crew cannot control themselves in this situation that isn’t war. They don’t know how to go about the situation because they could actually be civil, but in fact, they aren’t. They go rogue. When people go off to war or somewhere where there is combat, coming home isn’t always as great as it may sound. When Odysseus returned home to Ithaca, men were trying to take over his land, his castle and his wife was very sought after by a copious amount of suitors. Odysseus showed the suitors no mercy when he told them that, “There will be killing until the score is

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