How Old Was Hicc Up In The Viking

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After Hiccup united the Vikings with dragons, everything at Berk was going exceptional. Since Hiccup successfully changed the way how Viking looked at dragons, he thought that if he believes in something strong enough anything could shift. One main flaw of Hiccup was that he believes that there is always a kind and good side in human, since that was how he changed his dad’s perspective on dragons. His desire to change Drago Blood Fist led himself through a lot of trouble even though everyone told me it was impossible. This mindset that Hiccup obtains led to a serious consequence that he had to face, despite that he thought he could have worked in various situations. When Hiccup first mentioned Drago Blood Fist to his father, Stoick immediately panicked because he recognized who he was. Especially when Hiccup mentioned about his dragon army, everything changed for Berk. Stoick told Hiccup that Drago Blood Fist was a mad man and that they needed…show more content…
During the war, hiccup finally had a chance to see Drago. Even though his mother and father told him not persuade Drago, because he is a dangerous person, he still went up to him anyway. Hiccup didn’t understand that Drago’s plan was take over the world with his dragon army and he was willing to do anything in order for that to happen. On the bloody battle field while everything was going on, Hiccup stopped in front of Drago for a discussion, and he soon realized that he could not do anything to stop him. On top of that, not only was Drago not persuaded at all, in the matter of facts Hiccup even lost control of his dragon Toothless to Drago’s command. When Toothless lost control of his body, Drago ordered Toothless to kill Hiccup. In that instance Hiccup’s father wrapped him around his arms and sacrificed his life to save Hiccup. That was the consequences he had to face because of his foolishness and
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