How Opioids Affect Friends

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Many people do not realize that opioids do not only affect the consumers, they also affect the families and friends. It is a hard thing to overcome and often people forget to realize that it affects more than just the person using the drug. Personally, I 've seen how even the strongest person can be taken down. Just a simple night out with some friends can start a whole new addiction and destroy a future but at the same time create a motive to start a new one. Once making $80,000 a year at just 22 to being unemployed, struggling to survive till the end of the week. My mother went to school for nursing, when she finished, she was one of the top students in the class. She started at $30 an hour she had a lot of money at a young age. She started at Mary Immaculate and worked there for 3 years and supervised over a whole floor. She was in charge of the staff and would oversee the patients and make sure that they got the care they needed. She was in a car accident and consequently she received a neck injury. She was given medication to help with the pain, but became addicted to it as many others. When she began to work again she, began to steal patients’ prescription, but not enough that it would be…show more content…
I can now look back to the times she would bring me to her work where I would meet all of the patients, remembering one lady who would give me 5$ every time I saw her and if I wouldn 't take it she would put it in my pocket herself. Seeing all these people made me happy and left me with good memories, but when my mom was fired it all stopped. She decided to get into the wrong groups of people, going to college parties and leaving me with my dad and grandmother. She would stay out until 3 or 4 in the morning, sometimes wouldn 't come home until the next night. She soon began addicted to other drugs such as Adderall, which is given to people with adhd to help them

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