Effects Of Parents Styles On Children

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Parents’ Styles and Their Effects on Children Parents’ personalities are very easy to spot if you are not used to them. For example, when you go over to a friend’s house and spend the night you can see how different their parents may be. Maybe it’s how they act around their child with and without you there, how much you can do around the house, or how late you are allowed to stay up. There are multiple ways to tell the actual child as well. They may be extremely timid or a frantic fireball and that might depend on what their parents let them do and how free they feel in their life. Though a child’s personality is developed through genetics and peer grouping, different parenting styles impact their world view and the manner in which they interact with each other. There are four main types of parenting: authoritarian, indulgent, disengaged, and helicopter. All of these styles have different effects on children and how they see things. Authoritarian Parents These types of parents are usually sterner and controlling such as setting more rules around the house. They also go to very extreme measures when punishing, for instance, spanking. With the type of parenting they do it affects the majority of kids learning. For example if the parent or parents are too strict or stern about their child’s homework the child will…show more content…
It all starts out as a baby. If you are technically a “fussy baby” you will grow up to be the most chill person ever, while if you are a “mellow baby” you will grow up to be a very irritating and obnoxious person. Fussy babies are more strongly shaped by their parents more than a relaxed kid, while mellow babies are so calm that they get not “pushing and shoving” towards them. Both good and bad parenting doesn 't affect a mellow baby. So how you are born and the friends you grow up with affect the way you see and experience the
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