How People's Life Changed During The Holocaust

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During the Holocaust Jews were put through horrific things you can’t even imagine would happen to another human being. Jews lives were completely changed, they had gone from happy with their family to families torn apart within a few days. The prisoners wondered how long they were going to live. They had never known what day was going to be their last. The Holocaust is a very significant event in history because of how horrible Jews lived their lives back then and where they lived their lives during that period of time. People’s lives were changed in the Holocaust, they had bad living situations, work that you hardly got a break from, and transportation that if you couldn’t continue something horrible would happen. Jews had gone from having a decent life to having the worst life you could possibly imagine, all…show more content…
The first concentration camps in Germany were established not long after Adolf Hitler became head of government in January 1933. The SA also known as Sturmabteilung were commonly known as Storm Troopers and the SS or Schutzstaffel were the main leaders of the camps and they set the camps up. After December 1934, the SS became the only agency allowed to establish and manage facilities that were once called concentration camps. Even after forced labor the SS still kept the prisoners malnourished and mistreated them. Where the Jews had lived and how they had lived were a big part of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was an important time in history to learn about because issues like what happened then still happen just not as torturous. It helps to understand what happens in different countries just because of your religion. Many people today get killed for having a different religion. At the end of the book Night by Elie Wiesel shows that even though you can be put through the worst time in your life, you don’t only have to think about
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