How Pets Save Life

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The famous poet, Anatole France, one said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”(Anatole France). Pets and animals have grown to be great at showing loyalty, but they can also be used in ways we may not realize. These companions can improve our lives by showing love and companionship, by making us happy and calm, and by saving lives and people. Many kids have pets that impact their lives, whether it’s a dog, cat , lizard, hamster, rabbit, or even some sort of spider. So, when I became about eight my parents decided to buy my sister and I a dog. This dog became a petite, white, quiet dog we named Mr. Furry. On the first day of enjoying this dog we realized that my sister had grown to be allergic to dogs, so we sadly had to give Mr. Furry back. A few days later, my mother bought us a fluffy, white cat that we appropriately named Fluffy. This kind and timid cat might have been the best cat in the world. He played with us, gave us company, and made our lives so much better. After 4 years of living with Fluffy, we decided to get another pet to add to our family, so one day we went to the local pet store and picked up…show more content…
In one of the first stories Gary Paulsen writes, “I grabbed and held and the dogs started pulling me out of the hole and onto the ice.”(Gary Paulsen 6). This dog saved Gary’s life; the only reason he lived had been because his pet dog, Cookie, helped him out of the bleak ice cold water. In the same non-fiction book Gary Paulsen writes, “ ‘I had a dog like your Cookie-- a dog that saved my life,’ “(Gary Paulsen 36). This is another example of a dog that considered a man’s life, because if the old man didn’t get rescued by Ike he would’ve died in the war. These lucky people will never forget how these animals saved their lives and how they didn’t leave

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