How Political Boundaries Affect Xenophobia

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How do Political Boundaries affect Xenophobic and Racist Views across the World?
A pressuring question that I have always had about the world is about political boundaries. I've always wondered how exactly political boundaries affect racism and xenophobia around the world. Political boundaries define our nationality and sometimes even our beliefs. I never really thought about it until I came across a post on my social media talking about political boundaries and how a person thinks and feels about another nation. I then realized that many people who are from a certain area or nation think they are better than others just because of their political nationality.
I began playing close attention to how people from different nations act towards each other about three years ago. I realized that even though two people may be only separated by a single country and have the same ethnicity, they perceive each other differently. This made me think about other nations across the world and how others perceive political boundaries. Some nations may make fun of other's accent or the way they look. Many people from one single nation are also stereotyped. One may also regard the other as inferior even though the only thing that
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I plan on just listening to those around me and asking them question such as how they feel about their nationality compared to other nationalities. Although I may have different views than them, I'm willing to listen to find out where those views came from. At times, I also ask people why they feel a certain way towards a specific nationality but they usually don't give me a definite answer so I know that I have to look in deeper. I plan on asking these people a little about their families and the family's views on people from other
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