How Racism Changed My Life

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Racism never dies out it goes through a new generation every time.It dies out in old generations and new or young progressively take their place everytime. In 2010 the commission reported that africans Americans receive 10% longer sentences than whites for the exactly same crimes.racism actually never dies,it 's never gonna die,it 's gonna be here forever.we try to make progress to stop it but it will never stop it will keep going forever.
So actually racism is never gonna die out it 's gonna be existing forever.people have dreams to stop racism like martin luther king and his followers or other other future genarations don 't deal with the stuff that old generations dealed with or us right now at this moment.i say martin luther King actually stopped some racism for a while because he believed in himself.Martin did actually very good job fighting for his own rights and everyone elses rights as well.he was a great leader he motivated a lot people who also fought for their rights as
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So is it actually ever gonna end or die ? That 's the real question everyone has thinking about because no one knows if it ever will.Well my answer is no because there is a lot of a racism out there at this moment and it 's gonna excised forever in my opinion.Well now is just hope it don 't get worse now or in the future. also my reasoning why i say no is because all the stuff that is happening like the cops killing the innocent black unarmed children.After michael brown 's fatal shooting, an unarmed black men are seven times more likely than whites to die by police gunfire. police killing have sparked a national movement in america for
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