How Literature Affects My Life

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Reading sparks one’s imagination and takes them on journeys, however literature is not just a form of entertainment. Reading can also truly affect someone’s personal life due to touching stories and relatable topics. Specifically, to me literature has reformed my life. In other words, reading helped spark interest for other subjects and facilitated me with real life scenarios. These scenarios related to business schemes and disabilities. Furthermore, literature aided me in overcoming a learning disability, which sparked me to learn about other subjects, allowed me to discover my passion, and let me take a closer look on those with disabilities.
As a child I struggled with reading due to being non-medicated for my ADHD, however once I received medication I managed to improve with my reading, thus sparking a love for reading, and allowing me to learn about other subjects. After a while I read my first book by myself the Magic School Bus. As I began reading I would constantly have to bother my mother to help me pronounce words. Although eventually the words made sense and I successfully read the book. I felt accomplished and started reading book after book, now I would always have a book in my hand. These books started as Magic School Bus but led me to science books. After this I would always attempt experiments and inquire on
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After I discovered I wanted to teach I found an interest in special education, however after reading this book I realized I did not have the patience. In this novel some kids the teacher had to deal with were oblivious to social ques, and one boy consumed his own feces. Now I could handle disobedient children, however those children were ones I could not handle. On the other

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