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Ever since I was young I have always enjoyed lending a hand to someone, I felt needed support in one way or the other, and this passion of mine helped shape what the future may hold for me on a rainy summer night after my soccer game. It was on a Tuesday night around 11.15pm when my soccer game ended, I ran straight to the men’s washroom because I was dying to use the toilet. Unfortunately for me, I took too long and missed my only ride home; they must have thought I had another ride home. I became bewildered about what to do next then, I thought about giving my mother a call. I reached into my bag for my phone and tried turning it on but, it was unresponsive so I figured my phone battery was dead.
At this point, I was fretted which lead me to think about how bad a situation I was in. I was thinking I should have told my ride I was going to the washroom, I should have brought money with me, I should have charged my phone, I am going to have to walk
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The book was about Rita Dove and how she loves reading as a child. Rita was so passionate for reading books that she sometimes could gaze at a closed book and think about all the possibilities the book could hold. One day, her teacher took her to a book signing event which made her decided she was going to pursue her love of books. Her story was similar to my situation because it involved both our passions She was passionate about reading books and I was passionate about helping others in need. The only difference between her story and my situation was that, when she read books, she imagines herself being a part of the story she is reading about whereas in my situation I was trying to imagine myself not being in the situation I was in. As much as I love helping people, I was scared and didn't know how to act. I was trying to ignore what I had seen but I couldn't because I was too passionate about helping someone in

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