How Reconstruction Was Reconstruction: Success Or Success?

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become an American citizen they had so many laws and things to stop African Americans to be equal to White citizens. First, there were these codes called black codes they allowed slaves to be freed but they stopped them from having rights they restricted freed slaves from voting, they could not go in jury duty and limited there right to testify against white people.They also were not allowed to own guns or any weapons and also could not work in many places so even though they were freed they were still held against their rights and they did not have much at all. Amendments were passed to allow people as in African American men to vote they banned or prohibited government from denying U.S. citizens the right to vote based on race,color,or past servitude. Also to be free not slaves anymore and…show more content…
It failed in many ways but also was kinda a success one way that it failed is that blacks or African American people they were not equal to whites after the reconstruction African Americans were still much poorer than whites and were not able to vote also had to deal with segregation. However, at the end of the reconstruction black or African Americans were not slaves anymore and they we still freed and the southern states were able to join the union again. Another way that reconstruction failed is that carpetbaggers came down from the north and took advantage of the devastated south in 2 ways financially and politically and since that anyone who took part was not able to hold public office be a lawyer a businessmen etc.because if they had then they could buy farms and mansions with tax returns and leave the poor poor. It was successful in that it had restored the United States as a unified nation they all had drafted new constitutions and the thirteenth,fourteenth and fifteenth amendments and pledged their loyalty to the U.S. government. It failed to protect former slaves from white people and their ways or racism and
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