How Scout Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Could you imagine living in a world where your family is always criticized simply because you stand up for African-Americans because it's the best thing to do.When children grow up they face multiple problems and they learn to be responsible . To Kill A Mockingbird , by Harper Lee is a flashback about a few kids that mature over a few years. Scout ages from 6 to 9 over the time of the novel and shows much change. Over the years, she is exposed adult issues,and eventually shows an understanding of respect and bravery. During the book, Scout learns a lesson of respect and bravery . One lesson Scout learns is respect. Scout was making fun of Walter because of the way he eats. “But he’s going to drown his dinner in syrup.” Calpurnia requested Scouts presence into the kitchen . Calpurnia says “Don't matter who they are, anybody who steps foot in this house is yo company.” now scout knows how to make guest feel welcomed and be respectful (calpurnia 33) . Another example of respect is when Scout asked if all the rumors about Boo are true. Miss.Maudie then explains it's a sad house. “The things that happen to people we never know . what happens in the houses behind closed door…show more content…
Scout follows Jems footsteps and gets much of her knowledge from him.Scouts definition of bravery changes as her age grows ,she gains a lot of experience of the world she lives in .Scout and Jem tolerated lots of uncalled for racial slurs and insults by people in the community . But Atticus teaches Scout what he was taught,doing the right thing doesn't always mean going along with everyone else. . And by the end of the story, Scout can put herself in Boo Radley's shoes, the person she's feared most during the story .Scout learns to look at situations from a different perspective , “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it “. (Atticus
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