How Scrooge Treated In A Christmas Carol

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“Treat others the way you would like to be treated” A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, is a novel that is intended to teach the reader the importance of treating each other, they way one would want to be treated. Scrooge is a type of guy that doesn’t care about anyone, and doesn’t even give money towards charity and he is certain that those who are needed are just lazy bums looking for a handout. Mostly he just spend his days counting his profits and wishing the world would leave him alone so that he could just have some peace and quiet. . Scrooge was always treating his nephew Fred the wrong way even if it hurt his feelings or he didn’t even mean it, Scrooge didn’t care he just wanted to be left alone. Though Scrooge would do…show more content…
You should always treat others the way you want to be treated, but for Scrooge he found that out the hard way, when the ghost of christmas past showed scrooge his funeral and when he was dead. At Scrooge’s funeral people would only come if they had food to eat, no one wanted to go because no one loved him. When Scrooge had died there was some really poor people who had robbed from Scrooge when he dies because he had no one in his life to whom he could leave his wealth. Also when Scrooge was looking at his future. A young couple who is indebted to Scrooge for some amount of money that they cannot presently repay, rejoices in his death, because now they may find some leniency in the creditor who takes over Scrooge's business. When Scrooge finds out the headstone is what reveals to Scrooge that the friendless man who died in the vision of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was actually Scrooge himself. This headstone bearing his name was the greatest catalyst for Scrooge's repentance. Once he sees the way that his greedy, loveless life will end if he continues in his ways, Scrooge promises to be a more charitable, generous person to prevent such an
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