How Shakespeare Changed Everything Essay

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How Shakespeare Changed Everything “Words, Words, Words” Questions 1) How many words did Shakespeare invent? Why do they think this? Scholars believe Shakespeare coined around 1 700 words. The exact number he coined cannot be determined due to the naturally difficult nature in finding the origins of words- especially in English. There is also a lack of any records of Shakespeare’s coined words. 2) What do you think “scamel” means? What do you think “prenzie” means? Why? Use each in a sentence that you make up. I think scamel is a general term for the little crustaceans that live in between the rocks and the shores along bodies of water. Since the little creature are so small, the word could also be used to describe insignificant and …show more content…

As people grow up in the English world, it is inevitable to encounter Shakespeare’s work within mainstream media. Many movies and TV shows follow the plot of some of Shakespeare’s most famous works.For example, Disney’s The Lion King follows a young lion’s journey of vengeance, love, and redemption, which derives from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Another example of one Shakespeare’s works being referenced, the line “To be or not to be” may be referenced whenever a character contemplates life and death, - especially when characters are suicidal. Shakespeare’s influence even reaches into people’s way of communication. As Shakespeare is responsible for the creation of around 1 700 English words, it is reasonable to believe that one uses some of the language that originates to Shakespeare. There are many words and phrases that may not seem to come from Shakespeare, but his contributions still support the validity of Shakespeare’s importance in society. Shakespeare coined many common words such as: lackluster, eyeball, farmhouse, softhearted, watchdog, fashionable, bandit, hint, hush, zany, buzzer, glow, gnarled, gossip, traditional, eventful, Jessica, eyesore, and more. The variety and meaning behind all of Shakespeare’s coined words hold true to Shakespeare’s work. He is one of the best playwrights of all time. He also coined many common phrases such as:

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