How Shakespeare Will Hepl You In Life Analysis

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This interesting and most intriguing and most intriguing claim on how shakespeare will hepl you in life and no matter who are you can read. Miachel Mack makes an article on how shakespeare makes the person better and how shakespaere can help you in life and love. He shows this by appealing on the aduidence and then explaining how shakespeare is as important as any other course, he then shows how shakespeare are good for the heart and mind and how thier connected. Mack produces an ineffective argument that Shakespeare is good for the person and tells how you can get it and shows why you should read it through his use of claims and evidence and trying to appealing to the audinence. One structure that mack uses to advance his argument in his use of claims and on how Shakespeare is important. In lines 60-67 he writes on how shakespeare is as important as many other subjects in one line he says”i would like to suggest that what you find in shakespeare is as serious as the subject matter of your courses” meaning that shakespeare is almost something needed, this evidence explains again how mack writes how important by comparing Shakespeare to other important subjects in our lives. Another…show more content…
In lines 50-55 he uses one example saying”reading Shakespeare- that’s just not me: i’m just a normal guy,and the simple pleasures are good enough for me. besides , what would my bowling buddies say?”. This evidence shows mack using an example of a regular person trying to relate in some way with the audienice. In other evidence, in lines 55-59 it also two quick examples of a person trying to get there professinonal studies done as fast as possible, or the other example saying”i much prefer something more scientific-i believe in studying “real” things: fiction is fun to read on summer break, but…”. This evidence only shows more examples of him trying to relate to the
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