How Short Stories Create Suspense

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Movies, books, and imagination that gives us the emotions we have and makes us what we are. When afraid our heart races like a horse, our pulse runs like the wind, and our skin gets cold as winter. Demonic, death, and evil a good horror story can reflect the deepest of fears on a person. The never ending mystery can bring a person to the brink of solving the mystery and they will keep on watching/reading until the tingly sensation goes away like it never happened. The suspense is one of the emotions that leaves us hanging on a subject and want to finish the sensation by reading/watching the mystery. Moreover,suspense, one of the most odd sensations that your body will obtain if you are about to get your heart pumping wildly because of a horror story, mystery solving, or etc. Consequently, writers create suspense for the reader to be hooked on the story until the mystery is solved or until the horror ends. Some famous writers like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and short stories from Edgar Allan Poe wrote suspense in their stories to make it more alive and interesting for the readers. The characters…show more content…
There was a step in the story that showed the suspense, creating therefore, the essay by Percy D’Aco has information on how the short story August Heat obtain the suspense. In a part of Percy’s essay, it says “ A horror writer may use foreshadowing notwithstanding, to suggest a frightening event that awaits a main character” the story August Heat has this type of suspense building up. In the story August Heat we see it beforehand what the character was afraid of in a part shows “ For some time I sat in silence. Then a cold shudder ran down my spine. I asked him where he had seen the name” the suspense builds up by scaring the character and this shows information from Percy’s
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